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Mission: To promote a healthy and successful lifestyle for all service members and veterans of all eras of the United States Armed Forces and their loved ones by providing positive networking, fitness and recreational opportunities and community events. AllenForce strives to bridge the gap between military and civilian life as veterans face an ever-changing adjustment process after serving our nation.

Vision: An educated nation of united communities where veterans and their families will be empowered to access a network of resources for long-term healthy and successful lifestyles.

Our Programs and Opportunities

HMHB is a free program operated through licensed fitness centers throughout the nation to provide injured or ill Veterans

  • Two, one year memberships (veteran and chosen “PT PARTNER”)-promotes healthy fitness habits and is a positive outlet for stress relief.
  • Up to 15 personal training sessions with a qualified Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies professional.
  • Monthly networking opportunities-provide mentoring, peer support, connecting with other veteran organizations, adapted sport experiences.

Vet Rec provides ALL veterans and their loved ones opportunities to experience adventure sports and recreation that will build on their strengths, challenge their limits, and provide camaraderie and competition.

SheForce empowers women directly impacted by the military with the confidence to reconnect and honor themselves as a woman. We emphasize taking time out to embrace their unique needs through a holistic approach to life.

VETANK provides a network of all-terrain chairs available to borrow individually or for use at community events by qualified veterans. This enables independent mobility and participation in outdoor and adventure recreation.

Education and Community Collaborations

We are an agency of excellence advocating and educating on the unique needs of veterans and their families. While our passion is to assist veterans, we promote non-competitive community collaborations essential for veterans and their families to lead healthy and successful lifestyles.


  • Collaborative Initiavites
  • Experience Veteran Insturctors
  • Veteran Hospitality Hosted at Events
  • Recurring Activities and Special Events
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Community and Professional Education
  • Family and Support Education
  • Community Support

    AllenForce is a 501(c)(3) non-profit of Illinois.

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